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My mobile security research section. This mainly covers PDA, mobile- and smart-phone security. NOT Bluetooth, WiFi or GSM/3G low-level stuff, since this is covered by others in great detail.

Feel free to send additions and/or updates to collin-mobilesecurity(at)


Mikko Hypponen (F-Secure) on Mobile Malware HITB 2005 Joe Grand on Mobile Insecurity BlackHat Europe 2004 SMS Security by Job de Haas HALL 2001 Phenoelit on Embedded Device Security CCC Camp 2003 Phenoelit on Embedded Device Security DEFCON11 2003 Marko Laakso, Mikko Varpiola on mobile telecommunication/device security AusCERT 2002 Mayagmar, Gupta 3G Security UIUC 2001 PocketPC Abuse by Seth Fogie BlackHat 2004 Symbian Security by Job de Haas BlackHat Amsterdam 2005 PDA OS Security: Application execution by Jukka Ahonen 2001 Forensic Examination of a BlackBerry by Michael Burnette 2002 My PocketPC security stuff and link collection Phenoelit on BlackBerry Security BlackHat Europe 2006 (first shown at: 22c3 2005) Umbrella, security for consumer electronics Master Thesis 2005 Developing StrongARM/Linux shellcode by funkysh Phrack 2001 PalmOS forensics by Richard P. Mislan 2004? GPRS Security by Ollie Whitehouse/@stake 2002 PDD Palm Forensics by Joe Grand 2002 Attacks and Counter Measures in 2.5G and 3G Cellular IP Networks by Ollie Whitehouse and Graham Murphy 2004 Proceedings of 3rd International Workshop in Wireless Technology Security 2005 GPRS Overbilling attack using unclosed connections by Eric Gauthier 2003 WinCE/PocketPC virus WinCE4.Dust article by informIT 2004 Introduction to Embedded Security by Joe Grand BlackHat 2004 Security Comparison of mobile OSs by Arto Kettula 2000 Security in Mobile Communications: Challenges and Opportunities by Josang and Sanderud 2003 Authenticating Users on Handheld Devices by Wayne A. Jansen/NIST 2003 Combatting Symbian Malware by Jarno Niemelš/F-Secure 2006 Exploiting Embedded Systems by Barnaby Jack BlackHat 2006 Cellular Phone Viruses Paul Haas 2005 Exploiting Open Functionality in SMS-Capable Cellular Networks William Enck, Patrick Traynor, Patrick McDaniel, and Thomas La Porta, September 2005 Security in Mobile Communications: Challenges and Opportunities Audun JÝsang and Gunnar Sanderud, 2003 Porting NSA Security Enhanced Linux to Hand-held devices Russel Coker, 2003 Using Labeling to Prevent Cross-Service Attacks Against Smart Phones (paper) slides Collin Mulliner et al., July 2006 Berlin Germany Security of Smart Phones Master's Thesis Collin Mulliner, June 2006 Vulnerability Analysis of MMS User Agents C. Mulliner and G. Vigna, In Proceedings of the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), IEEE Press, Miami, FL, December 2006. Vorraussetzungen fuer die Entwicklung von Malware unter Windows Mobile 5.0 Boris Michael Leidner Feb. 2007 (Diploma Thesis) Exploiting MMS Vulnerabilities to Stealthily Exhaust Mobile Phone's Battery Radmilo Racic, Denys Ma, Hao Chen 2006 Kernel-Level Interception and Applications on Mobile Devices Michael Becher and Ralf Hund (26th of May 2008) Commercial Information

The Future of Mobile Security - Here Today McAfee 2006

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